Artisan Entrepreneurs from Maniabandha

Akula - Triratna Handloom Krafts

Akula learnt how to weave from his mother. When he was eight his father, also a weaver, passed away. He has five sisters and a brother. His mother took complete responsibility of the family. In 1995 he completed his graduation and planned to join blind school as a teacher. To his misfourtune.

Chittranjan - C.R.O

I have been involved in the craft since I was 12 years old. Although bandha - the art of tying a weft used in Maniabandha ikat, is a skill in itself, I add a contemporary twist to traditional motifs. 

Lipun - 100 looms

A dream to begin with, hundred looms have started to match the reality. Our journey from zero looms to ten looms reinforced our belief in our community of customers. The journey from ten to hundred can be fulfilled with the support of our growing community of Artisans and customers. We at 100 Looms create finest Odia handwoven single weft ikats crafted with perfection. 


Antaryami P- Kaniyari Ikat

The first Ikat motif ever crafted by us, Kaniyaar is not only our favourite flowers but also connects us to our craft. Kaniyaar phool (flower) is widely present around us and has been a source of inspiration. We at Kaniyaar ikat aspire to create contemporary textiles with traditional designs. An expert at ikat craft we create silk and cotton single weft ikat. 
+91-81448 52451 

Sudhanshu- Three point five O

3.5O ikats was conceived after we returned back to our traditional occupation. Three rupees and fifty rupees has a significant tale woven around it. It was a meagre amount of three rupees and fifty paisa that I had first started my business, from there on he grew by multiplying this money. Three rupees and fifty paisa is the foundation of our lives and we use this money which is more of a blessing to create exquisite silk weft ikats handwoven with love. 
+91-80958 64947 

Abir Pal- Daalee 

Our life journey resonates with the characteristic of a branch (daalee) which rejuvenates. A branch grows out in a restrictive spaces and that is how we can define our journey with our crafts. Amidst our struggle we learned and grow. We are in- house experts in bandha (tieing) and weaving. Traditions have been our guide into design. Daalee celebrates the first ever daalee design that we woven. 
+91-86584 74884 

Surya Narayan - Gokuli Weaves

My  father was a weaver and used to trade sarees within and outside Odisha. I have worked in five different states due to financial difficulties. I lost my sister in 1999 and discontinued  studies. However, in between switching  jobs I used to come back to my village and weave. Now i have returned back to my craft. 
+91-97764 59190 

Bibhuti Kundu -  Bunkath Ikat

A combination of Buniya (weaving) + Ikat forms the roots of our brand bunkath. Grown around the craft of tie dye and with weaver parents, handwoven ikat fabrics are our expertise. Bunkath creates intricate seamlessly woven silk single weft ikat. Sarees and stoles are our forte. Our designs are inspired from our traditions and Odia culture. 
+91-99376 91952 

Diteek- Bandha dori

The first Ikat motif ever crafted by us, Kaniyaar is not only our favourite flowers but also connects us to our craft. Kaniyaar phool (flower) is widely present around us and has been a source of inspiration. We at Kaniyaar ikat aspire to create contemporary textiles with traditional designs. An expert at ikat craft we create silk and cotton single weft ikat. +91-93376 48770 

Arjun Pal - Arjun Pal Collections

I learnt to weave from my mother and used to practise on her loom. I had to discontinue my education as my father was struggling to make ends meet. I have worked as a labourer for Bidyadhar Das for 10 years in order to understand Jalla looms. At Bidyadhar’s i was inspired to develop better and more innovative designs.  
+91-99383 15201 

Bikas Mahapatra- Khimri

My father was a percussionist and a weaver. My family is well known in the village for weaving and for their legacy of having the most talented percussionists in one house. I took that  lessons in percussion from my maternal grandfather. My mother brought me up by practising bandha (tying) work. I started working when i was 12 years old. I do both tye- dyeing and weaving. I was 19 when I went to Surat to work in the textile company. +91-96581 85365 


+91-80185 50775 


+91-95566 17519 

Artisan Entrepreneurs from Gopalpur

Shatrugan - Satrughana Handlooms 

I am  involved in full time weaving along with my wife  and manage production of five looms which my family owns. I aspire to take forward the weaving tradition of my  family along with the small family business of Tussar sarees and dupattas. I loves to weave new designs using Jalla and Dobby techniques. +91-7735314030 

Chaturbhuj Jnr -C Das Handcrafted Textiles 

Being the eldest son of the  family i  took the onus onto msyelf to supplement my family income. After passing higher secondary education i have  been pursuing the graduation in arts. My specialization is on weaving the traditional tussar and tussar gheecha sarees and i am very active on social media like facebook for marketing of  products.I am  efficiently balancing the  education and the  passion. 

Promod - LN Handlooms 

I am the  eldest son of Narayan Sur, a master crafts man and a state awardee. Since childhood,I wanted to become an engineer. After graduation in arts, I got myself admitted into an Industrial Training Institute (ITI) and trained in Production and manufacturing. I pursued further studies and earned a diploma in mechanical engineering. Post my studies I joined an automobile manufacturing company. After seven months I had to return back home to take care of my ageing parents. Now, we have 6 looms to work with in our family. 


Shibaprasad- SPD Handlooms 

I am  (20 years) the eldest son in my  family of five. I learned weaving from my  father and who is  one of the few artisans in Gopalpur who knows the technicalities of card punching for Jacquard. I  envisage to establish myself as an entrepreneur of handloom products. 

Rajesh - RG Handlooms 

Since childhood, I have a special liking for sketching. After completing my education in higher secondary , I decided to go by an Odia adage "nija bruti e mo pose kutumba" meaning let me fend for my family from the traditional occupation. At  present at the age of 21, I take weaving to a full time profession. +91-8018419740 

Itishree - Itishree 

I was  born in a family of weavers.After getting married at an early age into another weaver's family, I picked up weaving very quickly and started managing my husband's micro enterprise dealing with Tussar sarees and dupattas. While my  husband takes care of sourcing of raw materials, I guide my associate artisans in creating new patterns and designs. 

Abhiram Das- Abhiram Das

Abhiram was initiated into the art of weaving when he was merely 14 years pursuing his secondary education in the village school. Assisting parents in warping and dyeing led him to join in weaving full time post his matriculation exams at the age of 16. He used to weave Tussar khia and  Tussar Ghicha sarees with intricate extra weft motifs. Some of his favourite motifs he passionately weaves are pasapalli , damru and star. Since a year, he has been learning tie and dye (Ikat) on Tussar, under the guidance of his father in law, a designer of eminence.

Jaladhar Das - Jaladhar Das

Jaladhar, 30 years, is into weaving occupation at the age of 16. He weaves Tussar khia and Tussar Gheecha sarees and mostly produce it to meet the demand of the village Mahajans. Owing to his entrepreneurial interest, he keeps on exploring new buyers. He specialises on working with four pedal looms employing Foda technique to carve out finer motifs such as birds and animals 

Ullas Das- Ullas Das

 Ullash , 39 years, joined a college near his village, Post matriculation but failed to pursue study further due to financial hardships at home. He started weaving at the age of 16, and became an expert in weaving typical Tussar Kumbha sarees of Gopalpur assisted by his wife Nirupama. Three years back, he got an opportunity to join in a four months training programme conducted in his village for learning setting of Jacquard and use of this technique in weaving. On completion of training he started weaving Dupatta using Jacquard technique. 

Babuli - Babuli Handlooms 

I  got initiated into my family tradition and occupation of weaving very early in life to supplement my meagre family income. Very soon, I learned  design and yarn dyeing skills from my father. He co-creates with professional designers and his products were showcased in Lakme Fashion Week in 2018. +91-9937479900  

Jagjeeban - Jp Handlooms 

I  started weaving in my  father's loom at the age of 19. Once into this profession, I  fell in love with the possibilities of jala and dobby designs. I  now have my  own loom and weave  for my selective customers. I am  married with two children. My wife is also a skilled artisan and specialises in weaving kumbha gheecha sarees. 

Chatrubhuja Snr - Chatrubhuja Das 

Chaturbhuja's first love is singing and he is widely acclaimed as a classical singer in his locality. Post marriage he carried on for sometime balancing singing and weaving as his profession. At present he is looking after his micro enterprise guiding twenty artisans in weaving sarees, stoles and yardages. +91-9778668712 

Ajay Guin - Ajay Handlooms 

 I am an artisan designer. It was hard, working day in day out in a power loom factory to make both ends meet and send meagre savings back home to support the family. So,I decided to come back home and work on my loom exploring new designs to earn a living. Weaving stereotypes is what I distaste. I am always keen to learn new designs and bring variation into each piece I weave. My wife Akshaji helps me to overcome the challenges we  together faced in the initial days taking forward our family tradition of handloom weaving +91-9776922238 

Antarayami- Antaryami Handlooms 

Antaryami Guin could only continue studies up to seventh standard in his village school due to increasing financial hardships at home. At the age of fourteen, he was initiated into pre loom activities and weaving by his father. Together with his father he began weaving as an associate artisan of his nephew who was an entrepreneur. As he gained experience in practice and training on weaving and design skills , he purchased two looms and began producing on his own in 2003. Currently he has 11 artisans associated with him. He has three sons, one pursuing medicine, one in engineering. and the other studying science.

+91-94378 52770 

Artisan Entrepreneurs from Kamrup, Assam

 Dipika Kakati  - Poni Handlooms 

I am a landless weaver from Kamrup region of Assam. I did not have privilege of education as I had to weave commercially for low wages at early age to support family. Married young,I lost my home and loom in a flood. I started, weaving on a rented loom.I came to know of Antaran and joined classes at Incubation & Design Centre at Bhagwatipara. I learnt new things on designs, markets and my abilities bloomed in no time! The biggest learning was that I could be an entrepreneur myself, freed from shackles of being a job worker. 

Firoja Begum - Achma Weaves 

I dropped out of High School and wanted to live in a big city. I  joined Westside in Guwahati as a Salesgirl. Soon i realised that I  had to spend more than i  could earn in the city. I  decided to go back to the  village. Wondering what to do, I learnt about Antaran from my mother who had joined the programme. I  visited the Incubation and Design Centre and decided to enrol for education and take up weaving as a profession. I quickly picked up the nuances of weaving commercially and started making products for sale at events organised by Antaran. In no time I developed my small business, working with small buyers, involving other women around me. 

Juri Das - Juri Weaves 

 I am a weaver from a tiny village Assam. I dropped out of college, planning to get married. But When Antaran’s intervention started in my region, i joined the classes out of interest and Soon got involved and took up weaving as a profession. I  learnt about communication, accounting, social media, designs, markets and became an Artisan Entrepreneur. Exposure gained from exhibitions through Antaran made me  feel confident to start my  own business. I now have a team of 6 weavers  with whom i  share my profits fairly. +91-9613547484 

Jyotshna Kalita - Alok Enterprise 

Jyotshna Kalita is an Artisan Entrepreneur from South Kamrup’s Nahira area. Having an eye for detail, she enjoys creating beautiful designs drawing inspiration from nature, and her colour palette is diverse and unique. She has 4 artisans associated with her 

Kabita Kalita - Monikanchan Handloom

I am an enthusiastic weaver of Kamrup. I picked up  weaving designing from Antaran classes  and made new samples. Pooling some money, I created stock for the first exhibition held by Antaran. I played key role in involving others for the Antaran Education Program. I was declared winner of a contest for women entrepreneurs on Women’s Day at Mumbai in 2019, where I won a smartphone. I use the smartphone to communicate with buyers on orders and share sample images. +91-6002669399 

Nabanita Kalita  -Brahamputra Handloom

Weaving is a passion for me. I have developed entrepreneurial capacity and managerial skills by attending   Antaran education programme. When women were hesitant to go out and participate in exhibitions, i came forward and took part at FDCI, where I confidently interacted with fashion designers.I have established my own enterprise and have six associate weavers and want to expand further by increasing sales and reinvesting in business! I enjoy playing with colours to innovate. 

Renuka Kalita - Shikha Handloom

 Renuka is an Artisan Entrepreneur from South Kamrup’s Nahira area. Being one of the first trainees of the Antaran Programme, Renuka has played an important role in the initial sampling process that resulted in a beautiful range of designs. She is extremely passionate about designing and is a natural artist who picked up very quickly the nuances of design that were taught through the Antaran Training Program. Her stoles and sarees are sure to impress you! She has 4 associate artisans working with her. 

Manju Das Kalita  - Maa Weaves

I am a middle-aged weaver from Kamrup, Assam. I am  registered at the Weavers  Service Centre and have played a crucial role organising various state level events and exhibitions for handloom products. She quickly learnt the value of natural fibre – especially Eri silk which is native to the region. She now specialises in natural dyed eri products and encourages her weavers to use only natural fibre in their production.She has represented the Kamrup Cluster at various events and exhibitions and has been able to expand her already thriving business manifold post her association with Antaran +91-9954089507 

Pratibha Kalita Da -Chandradoy Weaves

Weaving is a way of life for me.I have been a part of Antaran Program since November 2019.I have learned about enterprise development, attended exhibitions organised by Antaran and got my POS card machine to increase my  sales. I have started taking small orders- balancing B2C and B2B -hiring a couple of associate artisans to weave for retail production, adding more for business orders. My  designs are fresh and products well finished. +91-6901548220 

Namita Das  - Bansi Gopal Handloom

Namita Das is an Artisan Entrepreneur from South Kamrup’s Guimara area. Her house, being at the banks of the Brahmaputra River, is prone to flooding. Despite all the odds, Namita motivates all her 7 associate artisans to take up the challenge and weave beautiful products that won’t leave your sight. Her cotton products are the star of her collection +91-8486813518 

Nilima Kaibarta  - Nilima Handloom 

Nilima Kaibarta is an Artisan Entrepreneur from South Kamrup’s Sikarhati area. She weaves beautiful Eri Silk Stoles and Muga Silk sarees. She believes in the fact that there is beauty in simplicity, and her products are all evergreen classics. She has 20 assosicate artisans working with her.


Mamani Kalita - Ritu Handloom

Mamani Kalita is an Artisan Entrepreneur from South Kamrup’s Chapathuri area. She weaves beautiful stoles and dupattas made of cotton using the extra weft weaving technique. She loves to experiment with new designs and motifs. She has 7 associate artisans working with her. 

Sarala Das   - Jeeya Handloom

Sarala Das is an Artisan Entrepreneur from South Kamrup’s Nahira area. Being one of the first few artisans to have reaped the benefits of the Antaran Training Program, she has picked up very well, the art of natural dyeing. She also weaves beautiful cotton stoles, dupattas and sarees. She has 4 artisans associated with her +91-9706465202  

Annu Saboo - Annu Handloom

Annu Saboo is an artisan from South Kamrup’s Mirza area. Her beautiful pastel coloured products made using a combination of cotton and noil silk are her most beautiful creations. Having a diverse range of products, she has 20 associate artisans working with her.


Tarali Das - SJUK

Tarali Das is an artisan entrepreneur from South Kamrup’s Bijoynagar area. She mainly produces products like sarees and stoles made of Eri Silk and Muga Silk. Most of her products are sold locally within the north-east region. Tarali currently owns 40 looms and has a production capacity of 900m per month.


Mitu Moni Kalita - East Weaves

Mitu Moni Kalita is an artisan from South Kamrup’s Mirza area, mainly producing sarees and stoles made of eri silk. She currently owns 12 looms and produces beautiful Natural dyed Eri silk sarees. 


Artisan Entrepreneurs from Nalbari, Assam

Jagdish Nath - Som Weaves

Weaving is a way of life for me.I have been a part of Antaran Program since November 2019.I have learned about enterprise development, attended exhibitions organised by Antaran and got my POS card machine to increase my  sales. I have started taking small orders- balancing B2C and B2B -hiring a couple of associate artisans to weave for retail production, adding more for business orders. My  designs are fresh and products well finished. +91-6000697845 

Utpal Baishya  

Working as a weaver in Morowa for more than 12 years and doing independent business for last 7 years. I have  9 looms and 9 associate artisans working with me.  I have studied till 10th and my household consists of 6 members. I specialise in cotton handloom products but can also weave in paat, muga, eri and geecha. Through Antaran initiative, I have started the brand called Utpal Handloom and I wish to further increase my business through the education, market support and design intervention of the team.

+91-+91 9577293298 


Working as a weaver in Kokoya for more than 10 years. She currently owns 7 looms and has 7 associate artisans working with her.  She has studied till 8th and household consists of 6 members. Her economic condition along with her weavers has worsened in the Covid-19 crisis as work came to halt during lockdown. Through Antaran initiative, she envisions to do business independently instead on depending on local traders.


Artisan Entrepreneurs from Nagaland

Vekuvolu Dozo

I practice Loin loom weaving - a craft I inherited from my mother. I use rare color combination & motifs derived from old memories. I like to keep my designs simple and nostalgic. 6386117328 

Lovitoli - Lovi Twine

I learnt the art of weaving at a young age and made it an integral part of my livelihood. I believe it’s important to conserve traditional and cultural pride. I wish to take it to a higher level to reach out to more people with the objectives to conserve, earn, create, and excel. 8974563908 

Lhusalu - Salu Tunye

I am from Phuhgi village and  learnt loin loom weaving from my grandmother at the age of 15. I studied till 9th standard but being part of a big family with eight siblings couldn’t continue due to financial problems. I participated in an Antaran weaving workshop held at my village in 2019, learning about being productive and started professional weaving. Through the Antaran initiative,  I gained lot of knowledge and determined to financially support myself and my family. +91-9612963235 

Yetoli - Yeto's Twill

Kheshevi - Kheshevi weaves

I started weaving at the age of 15 and continue till date.I got married to Vikiyie Murru who was in the army and lost his leg in 1983 fighting in the Burma war. Weaving became my primary occupation to sustain my family and get my children educated. In 2019, I joined a skill upgradation workshop organized by Antaran. With new learnt skills, I started to earn extra compared to my earlier weaving income. +91-8837355356 

Chizolu - Chizo's Weaves +91-8575194435 

Khosatolu  +91-8729936149 


Vevozolu Phesao  is  28 years old lady from Nagaland, residing at Naga United village Dimapur. she has known weaving for the past 6 years through her mother. Though weaving is not her primary source for livelihood ,but indeed she is very fond of traditional loin loom , which give her immense pride in having such wonderful craft knowledge, which is a very old tradition art of making textile in our ancient times by our ancestor. She recently started as Antaran artisan entrepreneur  to showcase her skills and explore more challenges for  self-betterment as well as for society awareness, through the support of Antaran and wishes to reach out to more people with determination to continue  conserving traditional pride ,the art of weaving along with livelihood. +91-9612077140 


A young mother of two kids from Naga United Village Dimapur, Nagaland, far away from her husband while her husband do his duty for the country being in Army. She held a lot of responsibility as a wife as well as a mother. After all the chaos  she  is determine to keep her passion for weaving  and earned honest income by showing the pride in the knowledge of traditional art craft. Yune wishes to go higher level to conserve art, earn and excel  for her family. +91-7629011518