Craft Xchange

Antaran - an initiative of Tata Trusts launches an app-based B2B platform, Craft Xchange - a first of its kind for the craft sector, aimed at helping buyers and artisans to connect and deal with each other directly.

Craft Xchange is built on three key focus areas to nurture healthy and successful working relationships between wholesalers, retailers, boutiques, and designers with artisans from across the country -

- Co-Design: The platform showcases designs collaboratively created by the Design Team and the artisans. Buyers can browse through designs and raise inquiries to which artisans can submit their respective quotations. The buyer can then decide which artisan to go ahead basis the offered prices and timeline.

- Self-Design: Artisans will showcase self-developed designs for buyers to view and order. Many designs are inspired by the rich cultural heritage that the artisans embody through their creations. Buyers will have an option to place orders for these designs and interact with the artisans directly to customize the deliverables basis their needs.

- Buyer Design: Should a buyer have their own concepts/designs which they would want to get made from artisans, they could upload the same through Craft Xchange. Artisans who are rated eight-plus (on Antaran’s rating metric) will be eligible to offer quotations and timelines for the design. It is then up to the buyer’s discretion to select the artisan and the quotation.

There is scope for customization and collaboration on designs, fabrics, motifs, colors, etc.

Craft Xchange is conceptualized to overcome the limitations of informal communications. The application allows artisans to post updates regarding different stages of product development. Ongoing facilitation by the Antaran team for a seamless communication will be provided.

The application would allow the artisans to directly raise invoices to the buyer, with terms and details for payment. The buyers can then pay the artisans directly basis their mutually agreed terms and conditions.

The application is available on Web, Android, and IOS platforms. In addition to Antaran Artisan Connect retail platform, this is another step in the direction of empowering local artisans in remote clusters of India to embrace the power of digital technologies to keep their rich and culture-driven weaving techniques alive.